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Save money with local or international shipping. Connect your online store with Ship Expert and get a shipping solution that integrates seamlessly with all major eCommerce platforms.
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A eCommerce Shipping Solution Compatible With All Major Platforms

Sell whatever you want, wherever you want to. Ship Expert partnered up with all the major Ecommerce shopping carts to enable you to manage and ship your online orders with ease.
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Grow Your Business With an All-In-One e-Commerce Shipping Solution

Focus on growing your business. With Ship Expert’s integrated ecommerce solution, you get the tools to take your brand to the next level.
Easy Setup
Inventory Management
Order Automation
Printing and Order Tracking
Worldwide Shipping
Multi-Store Support
Free Returns

Get Ecommerce Shipment Features That Improve Your Sales Process

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Sales Channels Integration

Connects and synchronizes your sales channels into the EMS, so you’ll have a real-time view of your clients and inventory.
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Shipping Carrier Integration

Connects your EMS to your shipping carrier accounts so you can print shipping labels directly from your EMS.
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Label Printing

Personalizes and prints your shipping labels. You can save your printing options and the EMS will pre-populate the necessary fields next time you use it.
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Order Processing Automation

Creates an automated business flow. Synchronizes your sales orders across multiple sales channels. Uploads tracking numbers to their corresponding sales channels.
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Inventory Management

Synchronizes your inventory across your sales channels, ensuring that you have a real-time view of your product quantities. Sets up alerts when certain products are low on stock and prevents you from overselling.
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Canned Reply

Saves time by offering multiple predetermined answers for customer questions. Reply to your customers’ inquiries with two clicks of a button.
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Statistics Dashboard

Shows real-time statistics of your sales. You can organize your data to get insights and improve your sales process.

Ship Expert Ecommerce - Online Selling Made Easy

With Ship Expert’s ecommerce integration, you get an easy to use all-in-one solution for your online business.

It only takes a few minutes to integrate Ship Expert into your web store, and then our automated software handles your sales and shipping processes with minimal supervision.
Here's how it works:
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Integration Setup

It takes a few minutes. You only do it once.
Add Address
Select where you ship your products from. Multiple addresses compatible
Connect Stores
Connect your existing stores to Ship Expert’s EMS. You can always add new stores.
Select Carriers
Select the carriers you want to ship with.
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Label Printing & Order Tracking

Also takes a few minutes. You do it for every order, Ship Expert makes it easier.
Enjoy Automation
Now it’s time for the EMS to take over. It uploads specific tracking numbers to corresponding stores, syncs product quantities across your available stores, uploads shipping information, saves product dimensions and weight, and more.
Print Labels
Print your shipping labels directly from your browser.
Track Your Shipment
Now that your package is ready, a carrier will come to pick it up. Track your package at all times until it reaches its destination.
Wait For New Orders
WooCommerce and Shopify orders are synced in real-time. The orders placed on all the other platforms are automatically synced every hour.
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Control Your Business Remotely With Ship Expert’s Warehousing & Fulfillment Service

You don’t have to waste time and money finding and renting a storage space large enough to fit all your merchandise. We can store your products for you.

With Ship Expert’s warehousing and fulfillment service, you get to control your storage and shipping processes remotely.

In addition, we do custom kitting, assist in ordering marketing boxes, customize your packages, add tags, put ribbons on birthday presents, print shipping labels, and more.

Warehousing & Fulfillment
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Save Money With International Ecommerce Shipping Solutions

Ship Expert's shipping services reach every corner of the world, allowing you to increase your revenue by selling your products all over the world.

With Ship Expert, you don't just save with volume discounted courier rates, you also save money when you insure your shipment because our insurance rates are up to 70% cheaper than what carriers charge.

Offer Better Customer Service with Free Returns

Improve your return policy by offering free returns to your Canadian customers. Ship Expert gives you the option to receive a return label when you choose UPS as your preferred carrier in Canada.
No deposits or subscription fees needed.
Pay only for the return shipments your customers make.
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Ship within Canada and to the US at a fraction of the cost.
No contracts. No lock-ins. No volume minimums.

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