The Most Affordable Freight Shipping Canada

Save money while shipping your products on a national or international scale. Access volume discounts normally reserved for enterprises or high-volume businesses, no matter how often you ship.
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Canada Freight Shipping Tailored To Your Business

Secure the shipping services your business needs to grow, at the best rates in Canada. With Ship Expert, you can send whatever you want, wherever you want to.
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Air and Ground Freight Service Options

FTL LTL Freight

FTL and LTL Frieght

Save time with Ship Expert’s ground shipping services. We collaborate with Canada’s best carrier services to ensure that your packages arrive at their destinations in a timely manner.

Lower your expenses with Ship Expert’s volume discounts. Get enterprise-level discounts for your shipping, no matter how often you send packages.
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Air Freight

Expand your business and access new markets. Ship Expert’s highly trained team will handle your shipment with care, ensuring it will reach its destination in pristine condition.

Thanks to our team’s expertise in customs and our partners’ strong relations with the major international airports, your products will reach your international customers without delays.

Secure The Perfect Ship Freight Canada For Your Business

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Simple Shipping

Plan your shipment in a matter of minutes. Enter your shipment information on our platform, select a carrier and a pickup location, print your label, and you’re good to go.
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Less Paperwork

Focus on growing your business, not on paperwork. When you use Ship Expert, you receive a single invoice at the end of the month, no matter how many shipments you send or which carriers you use.
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Free Pickup Services

Don’t pay for freight pickup. With Ship Expert, you get free pickup services from your location.
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In-House Support

Have any questions about your freight? Have trouble finding information about delivery estimates or international customs? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Get expert advice and guidance from our in-house support specialists.
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Ship Anything

Ship Expert’s special freight service enables you to ship anything across Canada. Want to move furniture? No problem. Automotive components or electronics? We cover that and more.

Send whatever you want wherever you want it.
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Affordable Insurance

Save money by shipping internationally with Ship Expert. Our insurance rates are up to 70% cheaper than what carriers charge.
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Ship More For Less

With Ship Expert, you always save on shipping because you get volume discounts for all your shipments, whether you send one or hundreds of packages per month. Use our shipping rate calculator to get price and delivery time quotes from Canada’s top carriers.


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Ship within Canada and to the US at a fraction of the cost.
No contracts. No lock-ins. No volume minimums.

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Grow Your Business With The Best Ship Freight in Canada

Save time and money with Ship Expert’s freight services. Ship whatever you want locally with our volume discounts. Break into new international markets with our air freight services.
With Ship Expert, you get endless opportunities to grow your business.
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