Final Mile Delivery

Make last-mile delivery effortless with fast shipping—and no contracts and no volume minimums.

Make Sure Every Package Arrives On Time

Make last-mile delivery effortless with Ship Expert's speedy services.
Why choose Ship Expert for high-volume shipping?
  • Save up to 70% on shipping with pre-negotiated, discounted rates and multiple carrier options.
  • Track shipping in real time, down to the last mile, with an easy-to-read dashboard.
  • Ship without volume commitments. Choose the best carrier for each parcel every time.
  • Make sure your parcels arrive on time with next-day GTA delivery and expedited Air Canada services.
  • Streamline your shipping process with seamless integration to Shopify, Woo, Magento, and more.
  • Enjoy quick, personalized customer service that handles carrier issues on your behalf.

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This is How We Make Shipping Easier Than Ever

Simple and easy platform to use!
They make it easy for anyone, not to mention the customer service is hands down the best. Always answering the bell when I need them!
– Kory McLaughlin,
Great customer service!
ShipExpert is always available and very helpful whenever I need a question answered. The portal is easy to work with.
– David B,
We receive exceptional customer service and second to none pricing
I have used Ship Expert over the past year. We are able to reduce our shipping costs to our customers, allowing us to become more competitive overall
– Roy Latham, President, Ovaltel
I do not hesitate to recommend this solution
By using Ship Expert, we were able to compare courier prices and reduce our overall freight expenses by over 30%. I do not hesitate to recommend this solution for anyone who ships parcels or freight on a regular basis
– Marla Silvera, President, 2point5
...Makes sending packages so much easier and cheaper
I have to say that using the eShipper portal makes sending packages so much easier and cheaper! And the customer service from Ship Expert is prompt, friendly and efficient!
– Andrew G, CEO Epik Networks
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Dedicated to Working With World-Class Carriers

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How We Help Businesses Succeed With Final-Mile Carrier Delivery

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Next-Day GTA Delivery
Faster Processing Times
Your Carrier of Choice
Dedicated Customer Service
Competitively Priced Insurance

Ship Fast and Easy –for Less– With Canada’s Leading Last-Mile Service Provider

Make sure your parcels arrive quickly with next-day delivery service in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). 

Need to ship beyond the GTA? Our partnership with RIVO - Air Canada ensures your products take the next flight out from our warehouse, reaching destinations across Canada efficiently. 

Leverage the benefits of “zone skipping,” tap into inter-province pricing while your parcels fly from their origin to their final destinations. 

Keep your customers satisfied with speedy, cost-effective deliveries every time.

Ship Faster With Larger Orders

eCommerce revenue is slated to grow 9.76% through 2029—and that means opportunity.

Streamline your high-volume shipping with Ship Expert's batch shipping and distribution list services. 

If you receive large orders, like 100 gift baskets needing delivery, we've got you covered. 

Simply provide us with an Excel file of your ship-to addresses, and we'll handle the rest. We populate all the details, calculate the costs, and provide you with the shipping labels. 

This saves you time and effort, ensuring your large orders are processed quickly and efficiently. 

Simplify your bulk shipping needs and keep your customers delighted with timely deliveries.

Have a Carrier You Prefer Working With? We Can Help

Optimize your shipping strategy with Ship Expert's flexible carrier options. 

Unlike other shippers tied to a single carrier, we let you choose the best carrier for each parcel based on size, location, and cost. 

Enter your parcel's destination, weight, and dimensions to see a display of rates and services. Simply select the carrier that fits your needs, print the waybill, and enjoy fully tracked services. 

Get the best rates and reliable delivery every time, without being locked into one carrier.

Work With Dedicated Customer Service

Experience top-tier support with Ship Expert's exceptional customer service, including last-mile delivery service.

We offer a boutique level of service, acting as your shipping concierge and handling carrier issues on your behalf. Open a ticket with us and get responses within minutes. 

We take care of address changes, parcel tracking, and investigations, saving you time and money. 

Forget waiting in long queues and dealing with generic overseas support. With us, you receive personalized, efficient assistance that treats you like a valued partner, not just a number.

Save On Shipping Insurance

Maximize your savings with our competitive pricing and insurance rates. Small- and mid-sized businesses can access pre-negotiated, discounted rates usually reserved for higher volumes. 

Our platform lets you rate shop multiple carriers. Enjoy additional savings with our competitive insurance rates and discounts, protecting your parcels without breaking the bank. 

Ship Expert delivers top-tier customer care and unbeatable prices, especially for shipments starting or ending in Canada.

Save Up to 70% on All Shipping

Choose the courier you prefer and save – every time.
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Why We’re the Go-To Choice in for Last-Mile Service

Up to 70%

Save up to 70% on all shipping


Of satisfied customers

< Minutes

Get customer service in just minutes

Here’s How You Can Ship With Us

The average Canadian shopper is placing 60% more ecommerce orders. And let’s be honest: Customers expect excellence at every touchpoint of the shopping journey.

Here's how we can help you deliver the best: 

  1. Sign up for free: Sign up for free and unlock instant access to our comprehensive shipping platform. It's quick and easy to get started.
  2. Access special rates: Easily compare multiple carriers in one place to secure the best deals for your shipments. Save on every parcel.
  3. Get your packages picked up: Choose the best service for each parcel.
  4. Monitor with real-time tracking: Stay informed and keep your customers updated on delivery statuses.
  5. Simplify billing: Enjoy the convenience of a single invoice for all your shipments.

Oversee your inventory seamlessly across all your stores from one unified dashboard. Maintain efficiency and consistency in your logistics operations with ease.

Final Mile Delivery
Final Mile Delivery

Flexible, Reliable, and Integrated Shipping—That’s What You Get When You Ship With Us

Here’s how we deliver excellence, at all points of the shipping journey—especially as your last mile courier service.

Risk-Free Shipping Services

Enjoy our great shipping rates with no contracts. Use our services only when you need them.

Global Reach

Ship your packages anywhere, anytime. Whether it's within Canada, the U.S., or around the globe, we've got you covered.

Seamless eCommerce Integration

Easily connect Ship Expert with all major e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, and more. Simplify your shipping process and manage everything from one place.

Effortless Fulfillment

Let our fulfillment professionals handle your package preparation, ensuring every parcel is ready for its journey.

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