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Warehousing & Fulfillment Tailored To Your Online Business

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Multichannel Ecommerce

Selling on multiple ecommerce platforms at once? No problem. Our warehouse management software is compatible with all the major ecommerce shopping carts.

When an order is placed, Ship Expert’s integrated software creates a unique tracking number so every order will reach its intended destination, no matter which platform it came from.
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Retail Fulfillment

Is your business wholesaling to retailers instead of regular customers? That’s great. Your dedicated account manager will collaborate with you to create a fulfillment solution tailored to your business model.
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Crowdfunding Fulfillment

Fulfill your backer rewards quickly and without wasting money. With Ship Expert’s batch shipping, you can rest easy knowing that your rewards will reach your backers quickly and efficiently.
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Subscription Boxes

Ship Expert partnered with subscription box marketplaces, so we know what your subscription business needs to succeed.

Access our custom kitting and packaging services to impress your subscribers.
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Amazon FBA Prep

Ship Expert’s in-house Amazon experts can work with you to optimize your shipping times, lower your shipping rates, and meet all the requirements necessary to be approved by Amazon.

We collaborate with Amazon-approved carriers to ensure that your products will arrive at the Amazon fulfillment center in a timely manner.

Get the Lowest Shipping Rates From One of The Canada's Leading Warehousing and Fulfillment Companies

Speed up your selling process. Ship Expert’s automation features allow you to customize your shipping and order fulfillment process in minutes. We partnered with all the major ecommerce platforms to enable you to manage and ship your online orders remotely.
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How Order Warehousing Works

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Step 1 - Store Your Products In Our Warehouse
Store all your products in our warehouses. Our team receives the products directly from the manufacturer, inspects them to ensure they match your indications, and then stores them.
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Step 2 - Control Your Inventory Remotely
Connect your online store to Ship Expert’s Warehouse Management System and control your inventory in real-time.
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Step 3 - Send Your Orders Directly To The Warehouse
With Ship Expert’s EMS, your online store automatically sends the orders to our warehouse.
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Step 4 - Order Fulfillment
Ship Expert’s EMS assigns tracking numbers to all of your orders and sends them to your customers. Our team prepares the orders, prints the tracking numbers, and puts them on the packages.
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Step 5 - Shipping
Your orders are shipped out to your customers according to your exact specifications. You can track the orders until they arrive at their destination.
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Gain Total Control Of Your Business

With Ship Expert’s fulfillment services, you gain total control of all your business processes.
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Seamless Ecommerce Integration

Our software integrates with all the major ecommerce platforms to provide a powerful ecommerce shipping solution. The EMS automatically sends your orders from your online stores to our warehouses. The software also sends tracking numbers to your customers.

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Simple Inventory Management

Connect and synchronize all your online stores in one place. Gain full visibility and control over your entire inventory. Access charts and data to find out which are your best-selling products. Get alerted when a product’s stock is running low.
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Superior Order Management

Ship Expert’s team picks and packs your products according to your guidelines and specifications. We also do custom kitting and assist in ordering marketing boxes.

Someone ordered a birthday present? We’ll add a ribbon or a tag to their package. We customize your packaging to bring your brand’s story to life.
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Effortless Shipping Management

We handle all the logistics, so you can focus on growing your business. Save money by accessing volume discounts normally reserved for enterprises or high-volume businesses, no matter how often you ship. No subscription fee, and no volume minimums.
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Simplified International Shipping

Ship Expert’s expertise in customs and our partners’ good relationships with airports around the world guarantee that your air freight shipment will reach its destination quickly and safely.

You also save money when you send international packages because our insurance rates are up to 70% cheaper than what carriers charge.
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Excellent Support

Need help with a package? Have trouble finding information about international customs? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Get expert advice and guidance from your dedicated support specialist.
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The Easy Way to Grow Your Business With a Reliable Fulfillment Warehouse

Save time and money with Ship Expert’s fulfillment services. Automate your selling and shipping processes and focus on growing your business. Add more sales channels to expand your presence in Canada. Access our volume discounts and break into international markets.
With Ship Expert, the possibilities to grow your business are endless.
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