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Lower your shipping costs and ensure that your customers receive their orders in record time with Ship Expert’s CPX - Zone Skipping program.
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Introducing Zone Skipping With Cheap Shipping Within Canada

With your GTA-based business, tap into Zone Skipping local rates for all high-volume shipments you send within Canada. Pay Toronto to Toronto rates even when you’re shipping from Toronto to Vancouver.

We sort out your packages the moment they reach our warehouse and use dedicated trucks to deliver them to strategic hubs across Canada, skipping over crowded GTA hubs.

Reach over 2.7 million shipping addresses within Canada in the shortest time possible with last-mile delivery handled by Canada Post.

Introducing CPX - The Fastest, Cheapest Domestic Shipping Within Canada

Get significant discounts and minimize your delivery times with CPX Zone Skipping.
Pay localized shipping rates whenever you send packages within Canada—helping you save big on shipping services.
CPX partners with Canada Post to transport high volume packages across Canada without using congested hubs.

Rate Comparison

Save up to 60% on every shipment within Canada. Ensure that your customers receive their orders faster. eCommerce compatible.
FromToronto to
NationalCarrier Rates
Ship ExpertCPX
Vancouver (1 lb)
$7.15(43% OFF)
Dartmouth (2 lbs)
$4.93(28% OFF)
Winnipeg (5 lbs)
$3.98(21% OFF)
Calgary (10 lbs)
$7.53(29% OFF)
Rates subject to change
Estimated delivery times. Exceptions apply.
Prices in CAD. They include postage and delivery fees.
Exceptions apply for noncontiguous U.S. and APO/FPO destinations.

How Domesting Shipping in Canada Works

icon open box
You prepare the shipment, print the labels, and put them on the package.
icon outbound
We pick up the shipment from your facility.
icon warehouse
Your package arrives at Ship Expert’s CPX warehouse and we ship it to strategic hubs across the country
icon courier truck
Canada Post picks up the package and delivers it to your customer


We can handle your shopping carts, no matter what platform you use. CPX integrates seamlessly with:
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Save Big On Domestic Shipping in Canada, Shorten Delivery Times

As the domestic shipping company of choice for businesses across Canada, and with our CPX Zone Skipping, we empower you to:
Pay local shipping rates whenever you ship within Canada
Tap into induction at strategic Canada Post hubs across Canada to shorten delivery times and save money on delivery costs
Rely on last-mile delivery by Canada Post
Reach over 2.7 million Canadian shipping addresses, including apartment buildings and P.O. boxes in rural areas
Work with real-time customer service and support
Gain visibility with door-to-door CPX tracking
Enjoy daily pick-ups from your facility in GTA (minimum volumes may apply)

See What People Are Saying About Ship Expert

Simple and easy platform to use!
They make it easy for anyone, not to mention the customer service is hands down the best. Always answering the bell when I need them!
– Kory McLaughlin,
Great customer service!
ShipExpert is always available and very helpful whenever I need a question answered. The portal is easy to work with.
– David B,
We receive exceptional customer service and second to none pricing
I have used Ship Expert over the past year. We are able to reduce our shipping costs to our customers, allowing us to become more competitive overall
– Roy Latham, President, Ovaltel
I do not hesitate to recommend this solution
By using Ship Expert, we were able to compare courier prices and reduce our overall freight expenses by over 30%. I do not hesitate to recommend this solution for anyone who ships parcels or freight on a regular basis
– Marla Silvera, President, 2point5
...Makes sending packages so much easier and cheaper
I have to say that using the eShipper portal makes sending packages so much easier and cheaper! And the customer service from Ship Expert is prompt, friendly and efficient!
– Andrew G, CEO Epik Networks


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